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Dear Parents and Students, Hello and Welcome to another event full academic year. I am sure you have understood a fair portion of the activities, programs and culture practiced in our school through our website. My team and I are here to welcome your wards to a holistic educational experience. Our vision to provide an environment that encompasses over all development and progress in all our students. We ensure to ground our teaching techniques and values to all our varied learners.

Your Partner in Education, Mrs. Mathew CEO

The Elite English School took its humble beginnings in the year 1992 under the talismanic leadership of the Principal Mrs. Mathews. Over the past 29 years the school has earned a unique place in the educational history of the UAE by being an abode of learning and innovation. The school moved into the present location in 2005 offering education from Kindergarten to grade 10. The year 2010 marked two important events in the history of school. One being the introduction of the resource sector in the school which in a way pioneered the inclusive education in Dubai. The year also saw the extension of classes to grade 12. At the higher secondary level the school offers the science and commerce streams with many optional subjects to choose from. The first batch of grade 10 and 12 that appeared in 1999 and 2012 respectively brought laurels to the school. Read more…     

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“If children are happy they will achieve… we seek to educate the whole child, paying particular attention to their emotional and intellectual well-being.” The Faculty at the Elite English School holds the highest ambitions for all our students Our mission is to ensure every student receives the support and care to overcome any barriers to learning and excel in an ever-thriving multicultural society. Our commitment to our students is to ensure to make learning accessible to every child and enable an enriching experience in school.

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  • CBSE Curriculum integrated with International practices.

  • Innovate, Inquiry, Experimental and Technology Integrated learning.

  • Future focused goals such as additional skill Acquisition Courses .

  • Early Career Guidance Program.

  • Indoor Sports.

  • Excellent facilities including–Playground,hi-tech Science Laboratories and State of Art Libraries.

  • After School Enrichment Program.

  • Highly Experienced Faculty.

  • Veriety of Curricular choices – Computer Science , Informatics Practices,Physical Education, and many more.

  • Academic and performing Arts.