The Elite English School took its humble beginnings in the year 1992 under the talismanic leadership of the Principal Mrs. Mathews. Over the past 29 years the school has earned a unique place in the educational history of the UAE by being an abode of learning and innovation.

The school moved into the present location in 2005 offering education from Kindergarten to grade 10. The year 2010 marked two important events in the history of school. One being the introduction of the resource sector in the school which in a way pioneered the inclusive education in Dubai. The year also saw the extension of classes to grade 12. At the higher secondary level the school  offers the  science and commerce streams with many optional subjects to choose from.

The first batch of grade 10 and 12 that appeared in 1999 and 2012 respectively brought laurels to the school. The school has always been insistent on consistency in academic performance and has been committed to this cause by providing everything within its reach towards this end. The school has always believed in and upheld its motto ‘Together towards Excellence’

At present the school comprises of Kindergarten, primary, secondary and Senior Secondary with a multicultural student and teacher community that works hand in hand facilitating and generating global, independent and committed citizens.

The School is affiliated to the Central Board of Secondary Education Delhi.