Principal’s Message

If children are happy they will achieve… we seek to educate the whole child, paying particular attention to their emotional and intellectual well-being.”

The Faculty at the Elite English School holds the highest ambitions for all our students Our mission is to ensure every student receives the support and care to overcome any barriers to learning and excel in an ever-thriving multicultural society. Our commitment to our students is to ensure to make learning accessible to every child and enable an enriching experience in school. We have raised our academic standards with our ambitious curriculum that will not only empower students to achieve the best qualification but also to experience a variety of co-curricular as well as extra-curricular opportunities through involvement in sports, music, drama, arts, job shadowing, listening to industry talks delivered by career specialists, community engagement partnering programs and global citizenship. This we believe has further enabled to raise their confidence and nurture the sense of being responsible citizens of the future. Here at Elite, we prepare our students for jobs that don’t yet exist, using technologies that are still being explored, thought about or reasoned with. Every year, the volume of new technological information is doubling. In today’s data driven society, we intend to teach our pupils to analyse, reason and reflect, giving them the skills needed to progress to the forefront of their respective fields and to be successful in an ever-changing world.

My team and I are driven by our goal to provide a learning environment where all students feel they are engaged and challenged. We ensure that every student feels that his/her opinions and interests are valued and lie at the heart of every key decision taken when working along with our parents, teaching and support staff. I am proud to lead a school that promotes tolerance, compassion, unity, and individual responsibility where all students feel safe, well cared for and respected. The diversity of the school population enriches the lives of all the community, and has earned the school an enviable reputation for inclusion.

To me, the role of the principal, is a lifetime vocation. I consider this both a privilege and an opportunity to lead Elite English School Dubai. As educators our duty is to engage our students at the most crucial phase of their transition from childhood to mature young adults. At Elite we nurture innovation, vision and resilience and ensure to equip every student with the skills to make the impossible, possible.

I look forward to welcoming you all to the sanctuary of learning.

Ms. Kiran Mathai
Principal, Elite English School